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An Investment in Our Future

04/01/04 by John Wear     Count Rowan among the forward-looking counties in this region. And count Rowan officials among the financially astute. For the price of one soda per person per year, Rowan county commissioners have established a Farmland…

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It’s Not Easy Being ‘Green’

02/25/04 by Salisbury Post   It’s Not Easy Being ‘Green’ By Mark Wineka, February 25, 2004, issue of the Salisbury Post The state’s energy director says local communities have the power to change how they use and produce energy and…

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Solutions Both Big and Small

02/08/04 by Salisbury Post   February 8, 2004, issue of the Salisbury Post Mention air pollution and most people think cleaner auto exhausts and tighter controls on coal-fired power plants and smokestack industries. They think about state rules and federal…

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Clean Air or Else

02/05/04 by Salisbury Post   By Mark Wineka, February 5, 2004, issue of the Salisbury Post Fresh from his trip to the Super Bowl to pull for his home team, Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory said don’t go there -- Houston,…

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