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Center Plays a Role in New Environmental Course at Hood Seminary

09/18/09 by Staff Writer


The Center for the Environment has lent its support to nearby Hood Theological Seminary as the school moves to include environmental studies in its curriculum.


Dr. Samuel Dansokho, associate professor of religion, society and culture at Hood, invited Center Director John Wear to teach classes during the pilot phase of his newly adopted course, Globalization and the Environment. In fact, nearly half the classes were held at the Center. He also encouraged his students to attend the Center’s Faith, Spirituality & Environmental Stewardship Conference in May.


Since 85 percent of the course’s students are either in a pastoral setting or will be shortly, Dansokho wants the course to go beyond increasing the students’ awareness of environmental issues. He wants to translate that awareness into tangible projects that they can implement in their own congregations.


Dansokho is also spearheading an environmental project at Hood that will take place throughout the year and involve all the students. The current focus is on recycling.


Hood student Rosa Slavik has taken the lessons she learned in the class to heart. “I have begun to take a closer look at my entire life and determine ways that I can reduce my global footprint,” she says. She is collecting rainwater for her flowers, has increased her recycling efforts, combined automobile trips to reduce gas consumption and used shredded documents as mulch in her vegetable garden.


The class helped her understand that “every action we take has an effect on the environment,” Slavik says. She notes that reduction of fuel consumption, electricity usage and water usage not only saves the environment; it also helps the family budget.

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