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Catawba College Community Garden Expands, Gets New Sign

02/16/14 by Juanita Teschner

Janna Griggs, John Grubb, and Jonathan Buffkin

Catawba College’s Community Garden, spearheaded by students Jonathan Buffkin and Sloan Kessler, now has 10 4-feet-by-8-feet beds with five more student/faculty beds in the plans.

Quick Copy, owned and operated by John Grubb, donated a large sign for the project, which reads: “Sustainable Garden at Catawba, sponsored by the Green Revolving Fund, Catawba Class of 2013 and Catawba Class of 2014.”

Bill Godley, a Catawba alumnus and owner of Godley’s Garden Center, donated the soil for the beds. In addition, Chartwell’s dining service has donated compost from the cafeteria’s food waste to the garden. The college composts all the food waste from the dining hall with the help of Gallins Family Farm of Mocksville, which provides the bins and picks up the food waste every week.

Jonathan Buffkin (photo by Tonia Black-Gold)

Buffkin and others planted lettuce, beets, kale and spinach in mid-February and plan to plant onions, peas and both Irish and sweet potatoes in March. Students and faculty will tend the additional five beds, planting and harvesting whatever they choose.

“We plan to send the produce to one of the smaller ministries in town,” Buffkin says. He also intends to put a fence around the plots to keep animals out.

During Earth Week in April, Buffkin and others will offer a workshop on the importance of local foods at the garden site.

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