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Catawba College Students Tackle Recycling Project after Winterfest Ball

02/16/14 by Juanita Teschner

Jonathan Buffkin and Eli Wittum

Senior Jonathan Buffkin led the charge February 9 when he and a handful of other students sorted through the trash left behind during the Winterfest weekend and filled more than 20 bags with recyclable items.

Members of Environment Catawba Outreach (ECO) and the Student Government Association (SGA) rallied around the cause. “Initially, I thought we would help facility workers by picking up trash after the Winterfest Ball, but we decided to sort through it,” says Buffkin. “We went from 34 bags of trash to more than 20 bags of recyclables and about 12 bags of trash.”

ECO members who participated, in addition to Buffkin, include Eli Wittum and Kerstin Brown. SGA members were Blake Brewer, Justin Burroughs, Haley Litaker, Hannah Dixon, Johnathan Boles, Steven Porter and Jonathan Ruiz.

Both the college and the earth benefit from recycling. It helps preserve natural resources, reduces pollution, saves on landfill space and disposal costs and reduces energy consumption. For example, producing aluminum from scrap instead of bauxite ore cuts energy use by 95 percent.

“It was a visual way of showing students one way of lowering our carbon footprint,” Buffkin says.

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