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Summit Keynote Speaker Leaves Corporate America To Promote Access to Healthy Food for Marginalized Communities

06/06/14 by Juanita Teschner

The keynote speaker for the 2014 National Environmental Summit for High School Students left her 20-year career in corporate America to help others.

One week after resigning, Robin Emmons began working to save the life of her homeless and mentally ill brother. She secured transitional housing, counseling and support services for him, but his physical health was compromised because his diet was full of canned and sugary foods, staples of the agency responsible for his care. Emmons began donating produce from her garden for her brother and the 30 or so other residents housed at the facility where he lived, and she saw a dramatic improvement in his physical health.

This was the catalyst that propelled her into her passion – working for social justice by championing access to healthy food for marginalized communities. Emmons dug up her entire backyard and sowed the seeds for the nonprofit organization, Sow Much Good.

As founder and executive director, she dedicates her time and talents to eliminating systemic barriers in the food system that disproportionately affect the working poor and underserved populations. She works to raise awareness about the inequities that exist through workshops, farm stands and speaking opportunities.

Emmons is a 2013 Top 10 CNN Hero who has been featured in local and national media for the organization’s work to alleviate nutritional starvation in low-income communities through gardening and micro-farming.

A Boston native, she lives in Huntersville, North Carolina, with her husband. 

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