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Cane Creek Middle School

NC Green School of Quality, 2013-present. 

Cane Creek’s “Green Team” is very proud of the efforts the school is making in going green and has presented the school’s efforts to the public at the 2014 Home, Garden and Green Living Show. Cane Creek is committed to this cause and is working each year to not just maintain the programs implemented in the past but to improve on them while initiating new programs each year.

Cane Creek is fortunate to be nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. The picturesque school grounds are used for education and recreation daily. Science classes study the ecosystem of the stream behind the school first hand with wet feet. Cane Creek embraces the Global Education initiative and is working hard to implement more of the global education practices across the curriculum. Cane Creek strives to reduce the school’s energy consumption, water consumption, and the amount of waste it generates. It sets and attains target goals in these areas regularly.

Environmental issues and citizenship are taught, researched, and discussed across the curriculum on a local and global scale. Students are encouraged to compare their own perception and experiences with that of other students across the planet. Cane Creek is working to implement the STE(A)M curriculum through Project Lead The Way. Students not only learn in the classroom, but are given opportunities to put their learning into practice through their participation in after school clubs and school sponsored volunteer service projects. 


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