Carolina Day School

ASHEVILLE, NC – Carolina Day School students used their bodies to create a “Living Earth” in the center of the athletic field for an aerial photo. Lower School, Middle School and Key School students wore blue as they skipped out to the field to outline the Earth and its continents. Eighth-graders surrounded the border for North America, seventh-graders surrounded South America, and sixth-graders surrounded the entire Earth. Lower school students filled in the space for the water in the oceans.

“Kids are very impacted by images, especially big ones and especially ones they use their bodies to create,” said organizer and Key School teacher Joanie Lamb. The lesson wasn’t lost on the students.  “We did this to raise awareness of the Earth, so people know to take care of it,” said fifth-grader Ezra.

Eighth-graders from the Key School led the project and used their math and geometry skills to calculate how many students it would take to form the shape of each continent.

“We are also doing this as a team building activity to bring people together and to make a point,” said eighth-grader Molly.

Dave Bonyan, a Key School parent, used a drone to take the aerial photographs. The device creates a Wi-Fi network off the controller to the drone. The operator can then see what the camera is capturing hundreds of feet in the air on a smartphone attached to the controller.

The “Living Earth” art piece signified Carolina Day School working toward becoming a NC Green School. Carolina Day School will be working over the next 10 months to meet the criteria necessary to certify the school and to acknowledge Carolina Day’s commitment to sustainability and green efforts.

“We are the world. Today, the students got to express this in a creative and meaningful way,” said Lamb.