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Elizabeth Stanback Wildlife Garden

Native North Carolina plants grow in the Elizabeth Stanback Wildlife Garden which surrounds the Center for the Environment facility located on the Catawba College campus. Designed as a naturalistic environment, Catawba College focuses on the native surroundings in the area. This garden is not only home to more than 160 native plant species; it is also different from many other public gardens in that the covenants of environmental stewardship are practiced in its maintenance and perpetuation. Pests and diseases to the plants are controlled by environmentally friendly alternatives.

The use of native plants also promotes resource and environmental conservation through low maintenance and the elimination of resource-robbing lawn turf. The internal garden contains a dry creek bed for rainwater that is used to irrigate the garden. A pervious driveway flanks the garden that allows rainwater to filter to the ground and not freeze in winter. The Stanback Wildlife Garden not only provides a natural habitat for butterflies, insects, birds and other wildlife, but also provides a learning laboratory for Catawba students.

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