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Hominy Valley Elementary 

NC Green School of Quality 2015-2016

At Hominy Valley Elementary (HVE), the staff and administration are invested in developing respect for nature and a sense of responsibility for the earth in their students and community. HVE staff believes that the way to achieve this goal is through a combination of projects and activities throughout each year and across all grade levels that allows their students to experience and participate in learning about and caring for the environment. Many of HVE’s Green projects and activities have become annual traditions that the staff and students anticipate eagerly.

HVE staff and students recite a PBIS pledge every day after the Pledge of Allegiance that aligns with their school-wide focus on teamwork, continual effort and respect for their community, campus and the environment. Respect and concern for the earth is evident at HVE in many ways, from the school-wide recycling program that is managed by HVE’s fourth and fifth grade student Safety Patrol to the outstanding variety of local fruits and vegetables offered by their cafeteria. HVE teachers strive to incorporate hands-on learning to enrich their lessons using HVE’s beautiful campus and outdoor learning centers. HVE staff believes that reaching out to their local community is an integral part of being a Green School.

Parents, local businesses and charitable organizations support HVE in a variety of activities and projects around nature and the environment. Several community members visit HVE to volunteer as coaches for health and fitness activities, conduct student workshops around their butterfly and community garden, and even to bring a therapy dog to school to visit a few students each week as a significant boost to their confidence and self-esteem.

HVE teachers find ways to incorporate hands-on learning in science and nature using the immediate surroundings on their 60-acre campus as well as the woods, fields, and gardens on the adjoining Enka High School campus. This is in addition to field trips to many locations in the Asheville area that also offer instruction in environmental issues. Through these beliefs, values and actions the staff fosters awareness of and respect for the earth, ecosystem, and community at Hominy Valley Elementary. 

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