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Hurley Elementary School

NC Green School of Promise, 2018-present

Hurley Elementary School’s motto and mindset has shifted to allow for the greatest possible positive impact on the environment and community. We have created staff and student Green Teams to lead the charge! Through conversations about sustainability practices, planning meetings, and go-and-see visits, the Green Team has expanded and continues to include anyone with the desire to assist in carrying out the vision of conservation.

The Hurley community has been a key part of our success in the changes to our school’s environment and have been attentive to projects happening on campus. There have been clean up events, garden planning days, Science/STEM nights, Field Day with a focus on community resources for students and parents, as well as Reading Night projects which focused on our green initiatives. Parents attend these events with students, and are always happy to receive resources which enable them to support their child at home.

We proudly received grants and partnerships from businesses to fund projects and research within our new focus! Some of these include materials for building, healthy snacks for students who arrive late to school, student clubs centered around fitness, and partnerships for mentoring with The Center for the Environment at Catawba College!

Supervision and care of campus has been managed, mostly, by students. They have lead the charge in organizing Elmer’s Glue, marker, and crayon recycling collection as well as many other recycling and clean up efforts. The formation of the student Green Team, leadership clubs, and STEM clubs, has been an integral part of beginning our work toward conservation. The Student Green Team collaborates once each week to collect recycling and remind staff of our continued improvements. The Student Green team also gives feedback on changes they would like to see on campus. They were in charge of air quality examination and analysis.

Efforts for renewable energy and resources include, recycling bins, Student Green Team collection of classroom recycling, water bottle refilling station, lights and blinds tag reminders, grade level gardens, support for Hurricanes Florence and Michael, air quality work, and the list goes on.


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