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Steps To Apply For Recognition


Step 1: Form a “Green Team” at your school and meet regularly to make goals. The application is a lengthy process and you will need support documenting how your school is going green. A high school’s green team could be a student club with a teacher advisor while an elementary or middle school team might consist of more teachers. Organize it however you like, but make sure you have administrative approval. Read these “Tips for Starting your Green Team” by the Green Schools Initiative.

Step 2: Gather your “Green Team” and review the recognition slides. Please allow at least 20 minutes to review this presentation. Your Green Team will begin to understand our rubric, our resources, and our recognition program. Then you will start delegating tasks for your school’s final application.

Step 3:  Submit registration form.  This allows us to know that you have reviewed the webinar and that you intend on applying for recognition.

Step 4.  Review the Rubric to gain an understanding of the overall components required for the application. The Rubric is divided into 5 components, each one tailored to lead your school through a comprehensive whole-systems review of the elements that make up your campus and support your educational mission.  Make use of the NC Green Schools Resources available to you. You may also find the Rubric worksheets in Excel to be a useful tool. See More Resources section below to download.

Step 5: Begin to build your files for the application.

  • We encourage you to create a shared folder for each of the rubric sections where members of your team can add, edit and review text and photos. When ready to apply, you will create a final PDF and powerpoint presentation.
  • Take pictures along the way!  You will have to submit 5 high resolution photos in the application.
  • Collect newspaper articles, lesson plans, workshop agendas, letters from community partners, videos, etc. to be uploaded with your application.

Step 6: When ready to apply, download the NC Green Schools Application and Instructions and follow the directions! Incomplete applications will not be considered. Don’t forget to include a Power Point presentation with at least 5 photos with captions and the following in a PDF (all included in the Instructions document):

  • Cover Sheet including Key Signatures and Image Release Consent to confirm that photos are eligible to be shared on RRR media
  • Narrative Summary and Summaries for each component of the rubric with documentation/evidence.
  • Rubric Submission Form

Applicants will be notified toward the end of the school year and celebration ceremonies will be coordinated with lead teachers.  NC Green Schools will also manage media announcements.

Applications are due by midnight on May 5* (so you can document your activities held on Earth Day!).

*Extension requests considered.  Please email  to make a request.

Application Submission

Applications tend to consist of large files. Please email it or share it on google drive with Thank you!

More Resources

NC Green Schools Rubric Worksheet: This Excel Rubric Worksheet is a helpful tool when applying to be a NC Green School. When you fill in your points in each category, it tallies up your score on the final tab. Use this worksheet and then fill out the totals in the Rubric Submission Form on your final application.

Guidelines for Maintaining, Renewing and Advancing Your NC Green Schools Status

It takes time, effort and a continued commitment to be a NC Green School. Most green school coordinators have full time teaching loads and we value and respect your time.  Once your school has gained recognition, it is more important to focus on achieving school sustainability goals rather than on the re-application process. Here are the guidelines for maintaining and renewing your NC Green Schools status.


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