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Owen Middle School

NC Green School of Quality, 2012-13, 2015-2016.

Owen Middle School takes pride in their green school certification and continuing practices. They have an ongoing Nature Impact Initiative, which includes many faculty members and student groups, to connect their outdoor spaces to student learning and their cultural history. They completed projects such as a raised bed native pollinator garden, a quilt garden, a monarch milkweed planting way station, a partnership with the American Chestnut Foundation to use their land for tree propagation, and a pond/water feature rehabilitation with native plantings. 

Owen Middle School’s solar panel array has been providing renewable energy into their grid for the past 6 years. The array was awarded via a Progress Energy grant to hardworking teacher and student grant writers. Teachers can use real time data on to track their kWh offsets.

The school culture of “green school practices” permeates all areas of the campus. This acts to showcase for the community at-large (students, parents, guests, neighbors, etc.) that OMS strives to maintain and promote environmental awareness in all areas. The school works through lessons, activities, field experiences, campus projects and more to expose school and community stakeholders that OMS is as “green”  as “green” as can be. The Green Team (teachers, staff, students, community members and supporting agencies) works as a collaboratively to be a “GREEN SCHOOL” representative for Buncombe County

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