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Guidelines for Maintaining and Renewing your Status:

A school’s recognition is good for the year first recognized (APPLY YEAR) and the 4 years after a school first gets recognized. Then, a school will need to renew its status by submitting a renewal application for that status after the 5th school year (RENEWAL YEAR). Essentially, schools will need to submit paperwork every 5 years.

Example: Your school applies and is recognized for the 2014-15 school year. APPLY YEAR.

Year 1: 2015-16. Confirm that school maintained activities/ status at end of the year via email. MAINTAIN YEAR.

Year 2: 2016-17. Same as above. MAINTAIN YEAR.

Year 3: 2017-18. Same as above. MAINTAIN YEAR.

Year 4: 2018-19. Same as above. MAINTAIN YEAR.

Year 5: 2019-20. Renewal Application due at the end of the year. RENEWAL YEAR.

We encourage schools to keep documenting accomplishments and green school goals internally every year.

The photos and updates will be very essential for your “RENEWAL YEAR.”


Guidelines for Advancing a Level:

Schools that have gained recognition as a NC Green School of Promise or a NC Green School of Quality have the opportunity to advance to the next level any year. This process involves reapplying and documenting all of the ways that the school has reached a higher status in a new application. Once recognized at the next level, a school will consider that year their new “APPLY YEAR” and will not need to renew for another 5 years, as in the example above.

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