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NCGS Schools of Excellence

Barnardsville Elementary School, Barnardsville, NC

NC Green School of Excellence, 2016-present. 

Barnardsville Elementary School a small, low income school consisting of 150 students. Although the resources are limited and the size is small the school strives to make a big difference in everything it does. Barnardsville Elementary is committed to creating a culture of environmentally conscious students and adults through incorporating sustainable practices and green curriculum into everyday education, play and school wide practices.

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Carolina Day School, Asheville, NC

NC Green School of Excellence, 2014-present.  Carolina Day School students used their bodies to create a “Living Earth” in the center of the athletic field for an aerial photo. Lower School, Middle School and Key School students wore blue as they skipped out to the field to outline the Earth and its continents. Carolina Day School (CDS) has been committed to working together to try to implement sustainable practices.  

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Cove Creek School, Vilas, NC

NC Green School of Excellence, 2016-present.

The school’s guiding principles emphasize “helping each child be a responsible citizen of the world and a role model in environmental stewardship”.

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C.T. Koontz Intermediate School, Asheville, NC

NC Green School of Excellent 2015-2016. NC Green School of Quality, 2013-15.  “The Charles T. Koontz Intermediate School Environmental Literacy Team (ELT) consists of staff, parents, students and business partners and has diligently collaborated to ensure our school sustains recognition as a 2013-2014 Green School.  The staff committee began meeting in 2011 to create our Shared Purpose, “Growing environmental stewards for a sustainable future.”  The group also established our vision for the Koontz ELT which is “To serve as environmental leaders by forging community partnerships  and  inspiring life-long dedication to sustainability.”  

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Evergreen Community Charter School

NC Green School of Excellence, 2016-present

Evergreen Community Charter School is a leader in the Green Schools Movement. As a founding member of the Green Schools National Network, Evergreen has been involved for years in national efforts to establish networks and share best green practices. We were involved in the creation of the GSNN GreenPrint, a set of guidelines for becoming a green school. And, in 2012 we were honored as a US DOE Green Ribbon School of Excellence.

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Lincoln Heights Environmental Connections Magnet Elementary, Fuquay Varina, NC

NC Green School of Excellence 2019-present

Lincoln Heights Environmental Connections Magnet Elementarya PreK – 5th grade school located in Fuquay Varina, reached the highest designation as an NC Green School of Excellence, adding a second accolade to its recognition as a US Green Ribbon School in the same year. 

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Queens Creek Elementary, Swansboro, NC

NC Green School of Excellence, 2014-present. NC Green School of Quality, 2013-2014. Queens Creek Elementary School is designated as an International Green School under the Onslow County School System’s themed elementary school initiative.

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Rainbow Community School, Asheville, NC

The first NC Green School of Excellence in 2013-present. Rainbow Community School has, as part of its mission, an academic program that revolves around integration of nature, science, and the environment.  From outdoor physical education classes and recycling, to water conservation and consciously cultivating a wildlife habitat, Rainbow Community School actively strives to build a compassionate and environmentally sustainable school.

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Salisbury Academy, Salisbury, NC

NC Green School of Excellence, 2016-present, NC Green School of Promise, 2015-2016

Salisbury Academy (SA) continues to purposefully plan and seek out new green initiatives in order to expand and promote environmental literacy for students, staff, parents, and the local community. Our school community has benefited from the addition of new partnerships and an increase of outdoor learning, critical thinking and problem solving, and integration of environmental concepts across multiple grades. It is our desire to continually increase, evaluate, and expand green opportunities.

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Watauga High School, Boone, NC

NC Green School of Excellence, 2016-present

Watauga School demonstrates excellence in all five areas of the Green School rubric. Teachers, staff, and leaders within our school system work with students to create a culture that promotes the values of sustainability and conservation. A recent survey of teachers at our school indicates that sustainability plays a part in the curricula of a majority of classes, and that students apply what they have learned in the classroom within the community. Notably, students have designed, researched, and implemented projects such as a rain garden and multiple water bottle filling stations.

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NCGS Schools of Quality

Carolina International School

NC Green School of Quality, 2015-16, NC Green School of Promise, 2014-15. Part of the mission of Carolina International School is to “develop resourceful and responsible citizens and leaders of our local and global communities.” A new CIS building design included green components such as building orientation, low flow water fixtures, low VOC paint and adhesives, recycled content in carpet and flooring, concrete floors in common areas, daylight lighting and light sensors in common areas. The cleaning staff uses low VOC cleaners and green practices.

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Cane Creek Middle School, Fletcher, NC

NC Green School of Quality, 2013-present. Cane Creek’s “Green Team” is very proud of the efforts the school is making in going green and has presented the school’s efforts to the public at the 2014 Home, Garden and Green Living Show. Cane Creek is committed to this cause and is working each year to not just maintain the programs implemented in the past but to improve on them while initiating new programs each year.

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Charles D. Owen High School, Black Mountain, NC

NC Green School of Quality, 2016- present

With the creation of an innovative Green Team this year, Owen High is building a more sustainably minded culture through the collaboration of student leaders, teachers, parents, administrators and community partners. Administrative staff support green school ideas and are committed to creating an energy efficient and healthy school environment. The hope is that the commitment of each student and staff person goes beyond the school environment to include lifestyle and life long changes.  Read more …

Fairview Elementary School, Fairview, NC

NC Green School of Quality 2016- present, NC Green School of Promise, 2013-2015

Fairview’s garden has been featured in the school newsletter, the school’s website, and in the Fairview Town Crier. In 2016 it was a part of ASAP’s Garden Tour. PTA members fund an Americorps volunteer who plans and implements lessons in the garden. Plants are introduced and foods are grown, harvested, and eaten. In the past the school has reused plastic bottles to warm the soil of the hoop houses in the garden. A horticultural therapist has assisted students with disabilities and raised beds were built in 2014 for ease of access. 

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Hall Fletcher Elementary, Asheville, NC

NC Green School of Quality, 2013-present Hall Fletcher Elementary (HFE) is a caring academic community that strives to produce students who are curious and lifelong stewards of the earth. Everyday in the school one can find evidence of students and staff participating in green activities from utilizing the commercial composting service, recycling, gardening and much more. Hall Fletcher is a proud producer of budding environmentalists. Hall Fletcher also has many avenues for outdoor education.

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Hilburn Academy, Raleigh, NC

NC Green School of Quality, 2019-present

Hilburn Academy, a public STEM model school in Wake County, was recognized as an NC Green School of Quality. The school has had a learning garden for some time, but during the past school year, Hilburn Academy took the initiative to empower students to make environmental changes in the school by forming a Green Team and targeting waste reduction.

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Hominy Valley Elementary School, Asheville, NC

NC Green School of Quality, 2015-16

At Hominy Valley Elementary (HVE), the staff and administration are invested in developing respect for nature and a sense of responsibility for the earth in their students and community. HVE staff believes that the way to achieve this goal is through a combination of projects and activities throughout each year and across all grade levels that allows their students to experience and participate in learning about and caring for the environment.

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Owen Middle School, Swannanoa, NC

OLYMPIC MEDIANC Green School of Quality, 2012-13, 2015-2016. The school culture of “green school practices” permeates all areas of the campus. This acts to showcase for the community at-large (students, parents, guests, neighbors, etc.) that OMS strives to maintain and promote environmental awareness in all areas. The school works through lessons, activities, field experiences, campus projects and more to expose school and community stakeholders that OMS is as “green”  as “green” as can be. 

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Providence Day School, Charlotte, NC

NC Green School of Quality, 2017-present

Providence Day School has made improving environmental sustainability a central focus. Sustainability Coordinators in each division (Lower, Middle, Upper) work to realize the following mission statement: “Providence Day School seeks to build an environmentally conscientious school community committed to the understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of natural ecosystems.”

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The Raleigh School, Raleigh, NC

NC Green School of Quality, 2016-present

The Raleigh School is set on 18 wooded acres on the outskirts of Raleigh, NC. The school is blessed to have a campus ideal for environmental education and currently is designated as a National Wildlife Certified Wildlife Habitat. Bounded by two streams and adjacent to a planned City of Raleigh Greenway Trail, the campus is home to a variety of wildlife and plants that serve to extend learning beyond the traditional classroom walls. Teachers and children can often be found exploring the grounds, observing the natural world, and utilizing the land to aid in experiments and provide experiential learning opportunities. Read more …

Two Rivers Community School

NC Green School of Quality 2016-present

The Two Rivers Community School culture centers on environmental themes and encourages healthy lifestyle decision making. They believe that incorporating active learning opportunities with lessons in environmental responsibility are critical to developing model citizens who enjoy learning, are empathic, and are engaged in positive change, both locally and globally. 

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Water’s Edge Village School

NC Green School of Quality 2021-present

The Water’s Edge Village School (WEVS) is a k-8 charter school on the northeastern tip of the NC Outer Banks whose student body consists of 41 students and 5 certified teachers. Its founding mission states that it “provides local education to its isolated coastal community, a place rich in natural resources and environmentally-focused organizations. Galvanized by a diverse community of people deeply invested in the success of a local school and grounded in partnerships with children and families, WEVS provides a rigorous, child-centered learning environment. Leadership principles and an academically challenging, integrated, hands-on curriculum empower students by instilling a sense of social and environmental responsibility while nurturing both body and mind.” At WEVS, each student and teacher is a member of the green team, which works to understand environmental issues and how to help.

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NCGS Schools of Promise​

Hurley Elementary School, Salisbury, NC

NC Green School of Promise, 2018-present

Hurley Elementary School’s motto and mindset has shifted to allow for the greatest possible positive impact on the environment and community. Hurley has created staff and student Green Teams to lead the charge! Through conversations about sustainability practices, planning meetings, and go-and-see visits, the Green Team has expanded and continues to include anyone with the desire to assist in carrying out the vision of conservation.
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Onslow County Learning Center

NC Green School of Promise 2021-present

The Onslow County Learning Center is located just outside the back gate of Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune in Eastern North Carolina. The campus is located on 16 acres of longleaf pine forest and has a tidal creek, Bear Creek running adjacent to it. Due to its unique location and many natural areas, the campus is an excellent location for the integration of environmental based learning. Read more…

T.C. Roberson High School, Asheville, NC

NC Green School of Promise, 2016-present

T.C. Roberson High School is the most socioeconomically diverse school in Buncombe County. Additionally, T.C. Roberson is the largest Buncombe County School. Such a large and diverse student body augments to the vast difficulties of becoming a NC Green School. Despite these statistics, T.C. Roberson represents a Green School that has accomplished a multitude of changes, some still ongoing. Besides these accomplishments, the primary reason that Roberson represents a Green School is because of the student body’s ideals, activism and desire for self and communal improvement.

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