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T.C. Roberson High School

NC Green School of Promise, 2016-present

T.C. Roberson High School is the most socioeconomically diverse school in Buncombe County. Additionally, T.C. Roberson is the largest Buncombe County School. Such a large and diverse student body augments to the vast difficulties of becoming a NC Green School. Despite these statistics, T.C. Roberson represents a Green School that has accomplished a multitude of changes, some still ongoing. Besides these accomplishments, the primary reason that Roberson represents a Green School is because of the student body’s ideals, activism and desire for self and communal improvement.

The community at Roberson is one of the most diverse and widely connected communities in the county. With teachers and school organization’s connections, Roberson provides students with countless opportunities to be further involved in community activism, while propelling their own educational experience. From different extracurricular activities including National Honor Society organizations, to classes with environmental issues embedded within their curriculum, to campus wide cleanups, students can and do find ways to become involved.

Even with one of the most diverse economic student bodies, it still is notable that 31% of students receive free lunch. Poverty enables many hardships and among these is often the inability to eat healthy meals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To accommodate this, Roberson utilizes many techniques, to not only encourage, but also provide students with the opportunity to lead healthy lifestyles.

By being the biggest school in Buncombe County, Roberson produces a lot of waste. To compensate for this, while being environmentally conscious, Roberson has implemented a variety of waste management projects on different levels. Some of these projects encompass the entirety of the student body, while others are managed by organizations run through the school. Our progressive education program implements a unique program to collect recycling. Additionally, the students and staff at Roberson are integrating different techniques to convert more landfill waste to recycling and reduce the overall waste.

Taking into account the numerous difficulties Roberson faces, the school accomplishes a remarkable amount of sustainable and healthy programs and activities. Roberson’s student body’s willingness and persistence toward improvement, compounded by the broad outreach of the programs is why T.C. Roberson High School represents a NC Green School.

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