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Two Rivers Community School

NC Green School of Quality 2016-present

The Two Rivers Community School culture centers on environmental themes and encourages healthy lifestyle decision making. They believe that incorporating active learning opportunities with lessons in environmental responsibility are critical to developing model citizens who enjoy learning, are empathic, and are engaged in positive change, both locally and globally. 

Two Rivers Community School accomplishes their goals through providing a diverse approach to education, ranging from outdoor activities to off-campus learning excursions. Everything their students do is integrated into their academic work, most of which being interdisciplinary. Their strongest community partnership is Buffalo Cove Outdoor Education Center which serves every grade level at Two Rivers. Buffalo Cove provides outdoor experiential learning opportunities for students, introducing many of them to the outdoors for the first time. This immersion experience shapes student views towards the environment, giving them real-life experiences on which to base learning in future lessons in the classroom. 

Their curriculum also provides a unique framework for thinking and learning by providing a thriving school garden program, an adventure fitness class, and service learning. As an example, their entire 8th grade develops service projects that serve an array of school and community needs, many of which are environmentally focused. Through the adventure fitness program, the 8th grade designs a fitness program and obstacle course for the entire school to compete in. 

The school’s garden program is incorporated in every grade level. For instance, the kindergarten plants seeds for the school wide seedling sale in May. This experience ties directly to their core curriculum. Additionally, their entire 5th grade helped asses and develop a waste management program for the entire school including a composting plan for the garden. Other grades work in the garden, participate in recycling and composting, and dedicate class time and field trips to sustainability issues and environmental awareness.

The school’s Green Team has a solid foundation of teachers, administrators, and the school Garden Coordinator. The Garden Coordinator facilitates lessons pertaining to the garden in concert with the classroom teacher’s curriculum. The School Director and Development Director work with teachers and staff to design and implement innovative ways to integrate lessons of conservation, sustainability, and stewardship. 

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